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Who are you working with when you work with JP Building ?

The built environment is very much John Plunkett’s speciality. Building design, engineering, construction, building safety, functionality, serviceability or accessibility. John has had the pleasure of working in building and construction and owning his own business for over 25 years. As a NSW licensed builder, John Plunkett has provided his dedication to numerous residential, commercial and industrial projects, to which in return John developed a comprehension of the scope of works required, ensured compliance, provided a safe and accurate functioning built environment with exceptional quality outcomes.

John builds credibility through an open and honest communication style. John prides himself on his ability to liaise effectively with people from all cultures and of building up professional rapport quickly.

Among John’s qualifications is a Bachelor Degree in Building Surveying and Certification (Honours). John is committed to combining his extensive trade experience and higher education to servicing the long-term integrity of the construction industry. John’s extensive experience in construction, site inspections, building standards, code and legislation interpretation and compliance; along with his well-developed written and verbal communication and organisational skills all come together to deliver quality outcomes for his clients.

Having an excellent knowledge of what a quality build is and with experience in all facets of building and construction, a trades skills background with strong engineering and hydraulic understanding, workplace health and safety commitment with a natural determination and adaptability makes John Plunkett Building the natural choice when selecting a builder for your next build, alterations or additions.

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